online istikhara for different purpose

Online Istikhara Services for Different Purpose

Our Online Istikhara Services for Different Purpose

To avoid the disharmony in your personal and professional life you should come to meet our knowledgeable and wise Prof. Peer Gulam Ali Qadri for Online istikhara. We have different services and facilities to give you the best solution for your problems according to your availability and ease.

Online Istikhara Services for Different Purpose

Istikhara by post or lette

Online istikhara services

What is The Purpose of Online Istikhara?
The primary reason for istikhara online is to facilitate you with our best quick services at your place. You can’t deny the importance of Istikhara in your daily life matters. You can perform istikhara by yourself, otherwise, you have to visit us or contact us to ask Prof. Amil Shazil Bukhari to do that favor for you. ALLAH will bestow you his grant so you can easily tackle your matters. That decision or matter if is in your favor then you’ll be successful if it’s not suitable for you then you will experience so many hurdles and obstacles in achieving that cause.
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Contact Prof. Amil Shazil Bukhari i for Online Istikhara

ALLAH blessed him with understanding and foresightedness to provide your answer and guidelines to your problems through Online istikhara. All problems related to your love life, marriage issues, or a few other forms of difficulty you’re having can be sorted out easily with the help of istikhara. He does istikhara for marriage by means of name and will guide you whether this proposal is right for you or not.

The Concept of Online Istikhara in Muslims

The concept of Online Istikhara in Muslims varies because of its misconception in our society. Some people associate it only with marriage purpose. Istikhara itself reveals that it’s the help or guidance, a Muslim wants from Almighty ALLAH with full belief and trust in his decision. So, you can perform istikhara or you can ask our Prof. Amil Shazil Bukhari to do istikhara for you. In-Sha Allah he will guide you with the best decision with the help of ALLAH.

Procedure and Precautions to Perform Istikhara

You have to be neat and clean as its prior part of Islam.
You should be focused in your mind about your istikhara purpose.
Have strong belief and trust in ALLAH decision.
After Isha prayer pray istikhara nawafil (It’s not specified or compulsory to perform istikhara at night )
Recite istikhara DUA after praying two nawafil.
How Many Times You Should Perform Istikhara?
For better consequences, it’s better to do istikhara seven times. Daily you need to specify the time most of the people pick it at night time after isha prayer however, there is no hard and fast boundary line for it. During istikhara days you need to strongly focus on your intuition, what path your heart says strongly to you about going for it. You can also have Online istikhara facility by contacting us.

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